Update: 21 July 2017



The foundation place in the house
of Jurgen Stigter, located in the immediate
vicinity of the Rijksmuseum


Honorary Members

Roger Klittich (†)
Dr. Michael Negele (Wuppertal, Germany)
Dr. Jurgen O. Stigter (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


The Association’s / Foundation's Board

Robert van de Velde (Amsterdam, NL)
Chairman, charged with overall coordination and Public Relations

John Donaldson (San Francisco, CA, USA)
Deputy Chairman on an interim basis only,
North American members and outreach to Cleveland, Saint Louis and Mechanics Institute

Michael Clapham (Ipswich, GB)

Dr. Karl Klittich (Braunschweig, D)
German members, outreach to Kiel and Kórnik library


 The Council of Representatives of the Association

- Region I: still vacant: America (North and South), Overseas
- Region II: Rob Spaans (Benelux)
- Region III: Vlastimil Fiala (Central and Eastern Europe)
- Region IV: Bernd Schneider (Germanophone area − Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
- Region V: Alain Biénabe (France)
- Region VI: Tony Gillam (Great Britain [England and Ireland])
- Region VII:  Luca D'Ambrosio (Italy)
- Region VIII: Claes Løfgren (Nordic countries)
- Region IX: Josep Alió (Spain)

Officers of the Association

Committee of cash auditors:
a) Dr. Michael Negele (Wuppertal, D)
b) Rob Spaans (Heerhugowaard, NL)

Webmaster: Wilfried Krebbers (Bedburg-Hau, D)

BoC Database admin: Per Skjoldager (Fredericia, DK)

Server admin: Andreas Saremba (Brieselang, D)

Contact KWA/Treasurer − ING Bank:Robert van de Velde (Amsterdam, NL)

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