A new chess novella has been published by the Italian author Paolo Maurensig (well-known in chess circles for his novel The Lüneburg Variation), and interestingly enough the story is set in Bolzano, with the chess master Daniel Harrwitz as a central character. No wonder that our member and Harrwitz researcher Luca D’Ambrosio is involved in the presentation of the book.


Paolo Maurensig: L'ultima traversa
Series SHORT
Published by Barbera in October, 2012
85 pages, cloth
ISBN: 8878995576
ISBN-13: 9788878995574




Indeed Luca D’Ambrosio’s research (see our former report Luca D'Ambrosio on Daniel Harrwitz' track) had inspired Paolo Maurensig for that story, and the author will come to Bolzano on Wednesday, 21/11/2012 to present his new work at 6 pm in the Old Bolzano Town-hall. The evening will be introduced by Luca D’Ambrosio's lecture on his latest research.
More information (in German/Italian) on the following pages:
- Book presentation www.schachbund.it (and further links given there)
- Evening with the author www.arciscacchi.it/Sito01/Locandina.jpg

We hope that a translation of the novella into other European languages will still be realized.

On 11th of December Luca D’Ambrosio will again give a presentation about Harrwitz (in German), this time as a supporting event of the exhibition Simon and Sarah in Bozen at Castle Maretsch.
Further links for your information:
Vortragsreihe (Series of lectures)
Veranstaltungskalender (Event Calendar) Museumsverband Südtirol


PS (24/11/2012): Luca D'ambrosio has sent us two pictures from the book presentation on last Wednesday and Paolo Maurensig's visit of the Harrwitz grave (click to enlarge pictures):



Moreover, for our Italian speaking members we offer an interview of Paolo Maurensig and Luca D'Ambrosio at www.kiasma.it/podcast/index.php?id=65 - click "Get MP3 (21 MB | 15:35 min)" to download the file.




Per Skjoldager and Jørn Erik Nielsen
Aron Nimzowitsch
On the Road to Chess Mastery, 1886-1924

McFarland 2012, Hardcover, 456pp.
88 photos, 10 maps, appendices, notes, bibliography, indexes
ISBN: 978-0-7864-6539-2




The (according to Edward Winter) "supremely well researched" book covers the early years of Nimzowitsch from 1886 to 1924, including the dark period of World War I and the post war years, formerly neglected in other biographies. Partly a biography and partly a game collection (with nearly 450 games), it is the first volume of a planned work in two volumes, naturally the second is still in a distant future… Anyway, the book has already received high praise from the reviewers, and we have no choice but to recommend it warmly to you.

More details at New In Chess, or read the reviews by John Elburg (in a quite mangled English) and by John D. Warth at ChessCafe: A Beautiful Legacy.

KWA members can buy the book at www.chesslund.com for a discounted price of 40 Euros.

PS (25/01/2013): The book has been voted the ChessCafe.com 2012 Book of the Year, see www.chesscafe.com/.... Congratulations to the authors!

PPS (12/04/2013): Included in our Members' Publications.










Margus Sööt
Hillar Kärner - Kuus aastakümmet Caissa lummuses
[Hillar Kärner – Six Decades Under the Spell of Caissa]





Editor: Andres Adamson
Supported by Eesti Male Toetusühing (Estonian Endowment for Culture)
Published by Argo, Tallinn 2012
240 pp., 21 cm
ISBN 978-9949-466-58-0

Make-up: Erje Hakman
Layout: Marge Pent



Cover verso
Enlarged section

Title page  /  Imprint and Contents

Price: 26 Euros (incl. postage in Europe)


Hillar Kärner, born 27 July 1935 in Tallinn, International Master 1980; for decades he belonged together with IM Iivo Nei to the best Estonian chess masters behind the legendary Paul Keres. Hillar Kärner has played many unforgettable and spectacular games, the book contains a selection of 200. He could win single games against world champions Mikhail Tal and Anatoli Karpov, and also a win against Paul Keres is included in the book. Moreover you will find important results and tables, a short biography (interview), memories of comrades, etc.


The author has also sent us a picture of himself, standing in front of the ancient rock-carved City of Petra (South Jordan). Margus was on business in Jordan in March-April, 2012.

Click picture to enlarge.

More about Petra at Wikipedia – in English and in German.






Raj Tischbierek (ed.):
Schauspiel des Geistes. Marc Langs unglaublicher Rekord im Blindsimultanschach

Exzelsior Verlag Berlin, 2012
200 pp., paperback, with numerous pictures and diagrams.
ISBN 978-3-935800-07-5

With contributions by Vlastimil Hort, Raj Tischbierek, Marc Lang and Michael Negele who goes through the history of blindful chess on about 100 pages.
More information on the book at www.schauspiel-des-geistes.de/... (in German only).
We add a link to GM Helmut Pfleger's chess column in ZEIT-Online:

Reduced price for KWA members (worldwide): 20.- €.
Orders of the members are accepted by Michael Negele: michael.negele.wtal [at]t-online.de; payment in advance by bank transfer to our KWA account (see Imprint).
A simultaneous order of the Ado Kraemer book (see below) saves some postage!



Sooner than expected, the new work of Tim Harding, Eminent Victorian Chess Players: Ten Biographies, was published by McFarland. 

All relevant information on the book may be found on the publisher's site at www.mcfarlandpub.com/... as well as (more detailed) on the website of the author at www.chessmail.com/timsite/....

Review by John D. Warth at ChessCafe:
An Eminent Historian (PDF)



The new work of the KWA webmaster was published in June 2012 by Nightrider Unlimited: Ado Kraemer. Eine biographische Skizze mit zahlreichen Zugaben (No. 45 of the Kuhn†/Murkisch series). Edition of 200 (softcover) copies as well as a collector’s edition of 50 copies (cloth bound, red cover, see picture below).

On 288 + XVIII pages not only Ado Kraemer's vita is described (with pictures/ illustrations, numerous quotes and some short articles), the book also contains more than 260 Kraemer problems/studies, moreover Kraemer is for the first time presented as an OTB player.

Further information is provided by the Introduction / Einleitung and the Contents; besides the special Kraemer page at the author's Homepage (in German only). 



Paperback edition

Title page with a famous
four-mover of A. Kraemer and E. Zepler

KWA members can order the paperback edition from Michael Negele by e-mail (michael.negele.wtal [at]t-online.de); prepayment by bank transfer to our KWA account is required.






Non-members can order from the publisher Nightrider Unlimited, here is the link to the order page: www.nightrider-unlimited.de/angebot/....
Price for members: 17.- EUR,
for non-members: 24.- EUR
- postage included only in Germany.




Hardback edition 





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