Our member Siegfried Schönle (Kassel) has informed us about two chess articles worth reading, published in the German magazine Trajekte, issue 22:

Almut Hüfler: Wilhelm Heinses Anastasia und das Schachspiel (p.19-25) – Excerpt (jpg file)
Wolfgang Pircher: Strategische Voraussicht. Oskar Morgenstern und die Anfänge der Spieltheorie (p.33-37) - Excerpt (jpg file)

The above issue can be ordered from:
Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung
Schützenstr. 18
10117 Berlin
phone: +49 (0)30-20192-171
fax: +49 (0)30-20192-154

The price is 3.50 € + postage (1.45 € in Germany)
Oder form: www.zfl-berlin.org/bestellung-zfl-publikationen.html?publikation=Trajekte



A 3-volume work on Fedor Bohatirchuk by Sergey Voronkov is in preparation – volume I and II have already gone to press and will be on sale in about a month. These first volumes deal with Bohatirchuk’s chess career. The third volume which will be published in several months is devoted to politics and the scientific achievements of Dr Bohatirchuk.
Our member Yakov Zusmanovich (California, USA) has contributed to the book, and Averbakh as well as Kortchnoi have annotated some games.
More details on the books will follow later on.

Cover images (provided by Yakov Zusmanovich):


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PS (30/05/2013): Yakov Zusmanovich has informed us that the two volumes (1911-1935 and 1936-1984) are now on sale. The price for both volumes (altogether more than 900 pages) is $30, plus 3-4% PayPal fee and postage from Russia.

Please e-mail your order to Yakov Zusmanovich This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , he will forward it immediately to Sergey Voronkov (Russia). And please don’t forget to give your postal address where the books should be mailed.
Within 1-2 days after your order Yakow will inform you about the total amount to pay. At the moment he tries to find the exact mail charges to different countries (Europe, USA, Canada).

We ask you to settle the payment by using PayPal and Yakov Zusmanovich’s e-mail address given above.  An order from the publisher is possible as well but would be more expensive due to considerable bank fees.






Price: 29.95 € (+ postage), available in many online bookshops
Press release with more information (PDF, in German)








Published by Academic Mind, Belgrade
ca. 190 pages, hardback.
ISBN 978-86-7466-450-6

Price (for KWA members only):
17 € incl. postage
Retail price: 20.90 € + postage






Against his initial intention, Prof. Dušan Drajić has written a 5th volume of his Yugoslavian bibliography which will be published middle of February. Here the Table of Contents and the complete cover as PDF. The slight increase of the price seems to be justified in view of the number of pages.

As usual, please address your order to Prof. Dušan Drajić, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , after having paid the above sum to our KWA account or alternatively paid by PayPal to our treasurer Michael Negele, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , in this case please add 0.50 € PayPal fee.

For the complete series (Volume I - V) see our KWA Publications.







Yuri Averbakh
A History of Chess
From Chaturanga to the Present Day

Russell Enterprises Inc., Milford, CT USA, 2012
Flexicover, 88 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-936490-44-8

Price: $/€ 14.95




The Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology has started a new book series on chess, and this book by chess legend Yuri Averbakh is the first of the publication project.


Cover verso
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The cover text verso and the Table of Contents give an impression of the book which covers the evolution of chess from the very beginnings, and the author presents his own theory as to the origin of chess which is very plausible and to his own opinion "the closest one to the truth".
The next book by Averbakh, already announced in the book’s Epilogue, will deal with modern chess development.

Excerpt from the book:

A review by Dennis Monokroussos:





Edward Pałłasz:
Dwuchodówki i studia pionkowe
[Two-movers and Pawn Endgame Studies]

Wydawnictwo "Penelopa", Warsaw 2012
Flexicover, 63 pp.
ISBN 978-83-62908-34-9
Language: Polish




Cover verso
(Click to enlarge!)


Edward Pałłasz (*1936) from Warsaw is a music composer and director of Programme 2 of Polish Radio. Only in his restricted free time he was able to compose chess problems, his book contains 50 compositions (49 by himself), starting in 1950: 29 two-movers, 1 three-mover and 20 endgame studies, all depicted in diagrams; the (commented) solutions are given in figurine notation.


Additional information