A just released problem book by Michael Schlosser and Martin Minski stands in the tradition of T.R. Dawson’s and W. Pauly’s classic Asymmetry (A.C. White’s Christmas Series, 1927). Their work ASymmetrie contains a stupendous wealth of problems from all genres composed in the last ca 170 years, the earliest dating from 1841:


Dust jacket, designed by Anke Halumbirek


udo degener verlag, Potsdam 2013

646 pp., hardcover with dust jacket
format 16 x 22 cm
weight 1.2 kg
ISBN 978-3-940531-91-9

Price: 20 Euros (incl. postage in Germany)
The postage for foreign shipments (weight above 500 g) is 6 Euros.

You may directly order from the publisher via his online shop (where you can still find further problem books from his publishing house).

This composite work of the two well-known German chess composers is fascinating throughout, they deal exclusively with a special kind of aesthetically attractive problems, i.e. those with a symmetrical initial position and an asymmetric, generally paradoxical solution. From their own collection of 4000 problems they have selected the most interesting items – 649 in total, from orthodox mate problems to endgame studies, fairies and retros, even some originals have been included – you may have a look at the table of contents to get a short overview. Within the chapters all problems are given in chronological order, and each problem is depicted by a diagram followed by the solution, the latter mostly with additional smaller diagrams. The book is completed by a glossary (definitions of fairy & retro terms) as well as indexes of themes and authors.

We also learn from the preface (we link a scan here for our German speaking readers) that the authors have invested many years to finish their project, and particularly in the solutions they have spared no effort to provide entertaining and inventive comments. Fortunately the latter are mostly intelligible to OTB players with some basic knowledge of problem chess (and the help of the a.m. glossary), so this is not only a book for pronounced problem experts. Naturally there is a wide range as to the complexity of the problems and some will be more challenging than others – take it as a good sign of the variety of this absorbing anthology.

In view of the above advantages, the abundant content and the solid get-up of the book the price is very favourable, and I can only recommend this enjoyable publication: It belongs in every problem enthusiast’s library, and it will give you numerous hours of a stimulating read.



Bernd Gräfrath, author of numerous articles and contributions in the field of (problem) chess, presents his latest work "Lichtbilder und Schachkompositionen" [Photographs and Chess Compositions], a delightful book published in a very small edition only.





Self-published by the author, Mülheim an der Ruhr 2013
2nd revised edition

Hardcover, large format
(21.5 x 27.5 cm).
42 printed pages
(incl. inside covers),
colour printing with 20 full-page photographs




A first edition of 10 copies was followed by a second slightly revised edition of again 10 copies.
Not to purchase, as all copies will be (partly already have been) given to selected problem friends or problemists.


Cover verso - please click to enlarge.

The very attractive book contains a selection of 31 own compositions, all given with a diagram and detailed solutions/comments: some fairies but predominantly retro problems, i.e. proof games without or (mainly) with additional fairy conditions such as Losing Chess, the author’s favourite subject.
Each page with text is faced by a colourful photo (obviously from private tours) on the following page; as I learned from Bernd Gräfrath, the nice idea (to combine problems with photos in this way) traces back to Leif Schmidt and his booklet Natur & Skakproblem-Perler.
The photos are not made by simple digital printing but exposed and prepared on real photographic paper – together with the overall solid get-up of the book not a low-cost production.

Contact address of the author: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(see also www.uni-due.de/philosophie/...)




Our member Martin Ramsauer has meanwhile founded his own publishing house, we present his new publication on a blindfold match between Mieses and Schlechter:

Der Blindschachwettkampf zwischen Jacques Mieses und Carl Schlechter in Stuttgart, 13.-15. Januar 1909 / eine Zusammenstellung der Quellen von Martin Ramsauer [The blindfold match between Jacques Mieses and Carl Schlechter in Stuttgart, 13-15 January 1909 / a compilation of the sources by Martin Ramsauer], 2013, [40] pages, cloth bound with golden letters on front cover and spine, 30 cm [Series Schach in Württemberg, 1].

At the beginning of 1909 a match of three games took place in Stuttgart between two noted experts of blindfold play. The Vienna master Carl Schlechter, official challenger of Emanuel Lasker for the world championship title, was regarded as the favourite, but surprisingly clear – with 2½ : ½  – he had to admit defeat to the Leipzig player Jacques Mieses who was more experienced in blindfold play.

The book contains all available contemporaneous articles of the local press as facsimile. Among them a longer text by Jacques Mieses about the nature of blindfold play, as well as a photograph from the match which is published here for the first time since those days. The three games are elaborately presented by all comments found.

Prize: 15€ plus postage

German text on www.martin-ramsauer-verlag.de/shop-angebote/...

Please order via the shop (above link) at the publisher's website www.martin-ramsauer-verlag.de or directly by e-mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).



The Mitteilungen of the German ex-libris Society (Deutsche Exlibris-Gesellschaft = DEG), issue 2013 - 1 is meanwhile available.

This tasteful DEG periodical is a magazine of fine quality (colour printing on glossy paper, A4 format; published two to three times per year), and to me it seems exemplarily designed for a club magazine of a culturally oriented society. The lavishly illustrated current issue of 28 pp. contains inter alia a contribution by Eva Masthoff on the Haltern Chess Exhibition mentioning also the KWA and a few of their members (p.17f.).
You will get an impression from the free online version (PDF file), but naturally the printed edition is recommendable for collectors. The price is 6 € per copy incl. postage (certainly in Germany only), please see the imprint for contacts.

By the way, I just learned that the a.m. exhibition has been extended until end of April 2013, so there is still a chance to pay a visit to Haltern’s public library (see www.buecherfreunde-haltern.de/).








Dr. Mario Ziegler
Das Schachturnier London 1851
1st edition, 2013
Publisher: ChessCoach
Hardcover, 555 pp.
ISBN-13: 978-3944158006
Weight: 1.12 kg
Retail price: 44.80 €




Our members can order the book directly from the author This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a reduced price of 35 € (in Germany postage included). For shipment in Europe a postage of 9 € has to be added.

More information in the below PDFs:
- Foreword by DSB president Herbert Bastian
- Introduction
- Excerpt from the book, incl. Table of contents

Added to our KWA publications (10/04/2013).


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