In Belgrade a supplement volume to the Yugoslavian bibliography I-V has been published dealing with the problem chess literature of Serbia in the period 1992-2013; the author is Dragan Stojnić.





Academic Mind, Belgrade 2013
Softcover, 39 pp.
Edition of 60 copies

To order from Dušan Drajić This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Price: 7.50 €
[2.50€ + 5€ postage from Belgrade]




Only few copies have remained in Belgrade, as half of the edition will be sent to our treasurer, and the author will bring some copies to the MEC book market in Amsterdam on next Saturday, 9/11/2013.


Further news:

The Spanish bibliography NEBEA has been awarded three prizes, we give the links to the pages about the "Premios al Producto Gráfico 2012": VLC Noticias and Hortanoticias. [02/11/2013]

The posthumously published work on Aron Nimzowitsch by our late member Rudolf Reinhardt has just come out in an English translation. Here is the publisher's information (New In Chess). [04/11/2013]



Martin Ramsauer has just finalized a new chess reprint which you can purchase via his web site:



It is Francis Douce: Some Remarks on the European Names of Chessmen, from: Archaeologia, vol. 11 (1793), p. 397-410. 27 x 21 cm, cloth with golden imprint on the cover, thread-stitching [Schach-Reprints, 5].
Reprint of the chess historical essay. One of the early etymologic studies on the designation of chessmen in the European culture area. With two illustrations in the text.
Direct link:

Price: 18 € plus postage


Our member Marian Stere has meanwhile finalized his work on the RO-DLC = Romania. The Digital Library of Chess, 1st version. It is considered as the first project which presents the digitized version of almost all chess publications of a nation.

The "Library" contains nearly all chess magazines printed in Romania until the 1990s, many books (mainly till the 1960s) as well as many tournament bulletins and statutes, several literature titles. Many items are hard to find as originals nowadays.

More than 30,000 pages have been scanned to realize this compilation, most with a resolution of 300 dpi and in full color, in accordance with the originals. All files are in PDF format and can be searched for specific data.

We link a detailed list of the digitized items as Excel file, ro-dlc_v1.0.xls
as well as a sample file 1910_dufresne_sample.

The price for this Library on 3 DVDs (10-11 GB) is 99 € (including all additional costs).
In view of the huge work M. Stere has invested, the price seems reasonable.
The amount received from the sales will contribute to a site for the History of Romanian Chess.



Today we can present a new publication by our member Martin Ramsauer, it is the fourth of his series "Schach-Reprints". 



Daines Barrington:
An Historical Disquisition on the Game of Chess

from: Archaeologia, vol. 9 (1789), p.16-38.

27 x 21 cm, cloth,
[Schach-Reprints, 4]



Reprint of the chess historical article. The author quotes the sources of the ancient world (Greece and Latin) where board games have been mentioned, and he analyzes their cogency for the early history of chess. A presentation of the Asian precursors of chess leads to a short history of chess in Europe from the Middle Ages to the 18th century.

Price: 18 € plus postage

The book can be ordered via Martin Ramsauer’s website or directly by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



An important and thematically most interesting book on chess in Poland during WW II has just been published, covering the years 1939-1945. Written in Polish, there is a 5-page summary in English at the end of the book.



Paweł Dudziński:
Szachy wojenne 1939-1945
War chess

Ostrów Wielkopolski 2013
paperback, 300 pp.

Edition of 500 copies
ISBN: 978-83-61530-07-7
Weight: 705 g


For your information a scan of the imprint and of the (Polish) text on the back cover.


This is a very attractive volume, excellent in its get-up, printed on glossy paper with numerous historical photos (partly in color) and games, diagrams and problems.
While the first part of the book deals with the Poles and their chess activities, the second part is dedicated to "Chess by the Germans" as well as to players of other nationalities such as the Ukrainians. Even if I am not able to read the Polish text, the author has obviously done a great job in his research, consulting many sources not available elsewhere. He presents a wealth of historical details, and most of the games and of the photos are widely unknown. My impression therefore is that this work is a treasure trove for chess historians, naturally those will benefit most from it who are able to speak Polish. In my view, it would deserve a translation at least into English.

Edward Winter has reproduced some (enlarged) photographs from the book in his Chess Notes 8204.

You can order the book from the author ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), the price is 30€ incl. postage (the latter is quite high due to the weight).
The author would be happy to receive a chess postcard from those members who got from him a copy of the book.
Here is his postal address:
Paweł Dudziński
ul. Rynek 5/10
63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski

PS (27/09/2013):
Our Czech member Jan Kalendovský has written a review, published in Šachový Týdeník 37, 2013, p. 3-4, see this PDF file.

PPS (03/10/2013):
Another review was published by Avital Pilpel in his blog Jewish Chess History.






Published by Walter de Gruyter,
Berlin 2012
Hardcover, 257pp.

Price 89.95 € / $126.00


The page of the publisher provides some more information (table of contents; short excerpts from the book, i.e. the chapters’ first pages), and Mark Donlan recommends the book in his review, see ChessCafe: Scholars' Mate.
I cannot estimate if the content of the book justifies its quite high price...




Our Amsterdam member Bob van de Velde offers a contribution on the many-sided Emanuel Lasker, i.e. an offprint of 11 pages, originally written in Dutch for a commemorative publication of the Frisian Chess Club Emanuel Lasker (club anniversary in 2011). The offprint is taken from the 2nd edition of that (self-published) book.





Emanuel Lasker de veelzijdige

Jan Hibma

Van Brouwerij tot Aardappelbeurs;
50 jaar schaken op Het Bildt.
Schaakclub Emanuel Lasker,
Sint Jacobiparochie 2012.
Uitgave in eigen beheer




The paragraphs of the booklet are headed:
- De sterkste schaker aller tijden?!
- Thuis in vele werelden
- Lasker als wiskundige
- Vooral filosoof
- Aanzet tot speltheorie
- Abstinentie van schaken
- Uitvoerige studies
- Vaandelvlucht
- Niet alleen opportunisme
- Terugkeer naar het schaken
- Laskers laatste jaren

Bob van de Velde’s offprint is not offered for sale, so interested members may address to him.


Additional information