After his first photo book "Lichtbilder und Schachkompositionen" (see our former entry) Bernd Gräfrath has just published a second volume "Schachgeschichten mit Lichtbildern" [Chess Stories with Photographs], again in a very small edition and produced in the same manner. 


Self-published by the author,
Mülheim an der Ruhr 2014
Edition of 20 copies

Hardcover, large format 
(21.5 x 27.5 cm).

42 printed pages
(incl. inside covers,
+ back cover)

Colour printing with many full-page photographs
and a few smaller photos



Most copies of the edition have already been distributed to problem friends. 

One copy will go to the Cleveland Public Library which already holds the first photo book (so this is the only public library worldwide holding the two volumes). 


Cover verso -
please click to enlarge.
The photo shows Bernd Gräfrath
in front of the clouded Matterhorn.

Again this is a delightful volume, and in a still better print quality than the above mentioned first photo book, while the overall get-up is of the same fine quality as before. Apart from two pages where the author comments on a few of his OTB games and one correspondence game respectively, the book contains a diversified  mixture of own compositions (partly co-authored) as well as some problems by other composers, livened up by attractive photographs from private tours. The author has also tried to include photos matching the corresponding opposite text.
There is an introductory orthodox two-mover (recalling Bernd Gräfrath’s first solving experience), but all the other problems are fairies and retros/proof games (with or without additional fairy conditions). Another original idea is realized at the end: One page gives the amusing "Des Teufels Problemisten-Wörterbuch, 1. Lieferung" [The Devil’s Problemists’ Dictionary, 1st Part].
As mentioned by the author, with regard to contents his book has been inspired by Hans Gruber’s entry in Caissas Schloßbewohner.

Contact address of the author:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(see also



Claudio Selleri (Le Due Torri) has informed us about a new historical chess book, written by Alessandro Sanvito:


L'antica Storia della Società Scacchistica Milanese – dal 1881 agli anni '60 – volume 1

(The Ancient History of the Società Scacchistica Milanese  from 1881 to the 60s  Volume 1)
by Alessandro Sanvito, LE DUE TORRI, 2014, 128pp. Book in Italian language.
ISBN: 9788896076408

Founded in 1881, the Società Scacchistica Milanese has been at the centre of some of the most important events in Italy’s rich chess history. In more recent decades the club has been particularly active, with club directors often going on to provide leadership for the Italian Chess Federation .

The club has hosted legendary world champions such as Alekhine and Tal, produced national champions, and been home to some of the most celebrated Italian tournaments.

Internationally known chess historian Alessandro Sanvito has at last made true his promise to two of the most famous Presidents of the Società Scacchistica Milanese, Count Giancarlo Dal Verme and Giovanni Ferrantes, to compile a history of Milanese chess so as to preserve forever this unique chapter of Italian chess history. The result is a fascinating look at the vital role of the nobil giuoco in the life of one of Italy’s greatest cities. Starting with Società Scacchistica Milanese’s foundation over a century ago at the Café del Leone, Sanvito carefully chronicles the club’s key tournaments, historic homes and presidential roll call up to the ’60s.

Inside rare vintage photos and unpublished games.

In addition to the standard paperback edition, there is also a superbly crafted collectors’ limited hardcover edition of 99 copies (35.00 euros p/c). Reserve your copy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


The latest issue of Scacchi e Scienze Applicate – No. 31 – has been published by Romano Bellucci (Venice) in August, 2013. ISSN: 0392-0127


                                  Click to enlarge



Again some of our members have contributed to this issue:
(in alphabetical order) Romano Bellucci, Marco Campioli, Michael Negele, Alessandro Sanvito and Santo Daniele Spina – see the table of contents.




Table of Contents
- click to enlarge.





Mrs Eva Masthoff (Haltern am See) has informed me about a chess related article in the (just published) current issue of the German magazine Graphische Kunst - Internationale Zeitschrift für Buchkunst und Graphik.

According to Eva Masthoff it is a fabulous article by the editor Jürgen Schweitzer, entitled "Schachvergiftung! - die Schachillustrationen von Elke Rehder in 20 Jahren Elke Rehder Presse." [Chess poisoning! – the chess illustrations by Elke Rehder in 20 years of Elke Rehder press.]
The magazine is published in 3 different editions, and you can buy single issues; Edition C (single issue 18 € + postage) is the cheapest alternative (not numbered, without original graphics enclosed). Please see the website for more details. (The current issue 2/2013 is not yet given on the site, will probably take some days.)


ISSN: 0342-3158
Large format: 32.5 x 23 cm
31 pp., partly color printing on glossy paper

You may order from:

Edition Curt Visel, Mr Jürgen Schweitzer
Weberstraße 36
87700 Memmingen

phone  +49 (0) 83 31 / 28 53
FAX    +49 (0) 83 31 / 49 03 64
E-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PS: Eva Masthoff has also contributed to this issue with an essay "Die Kraft der Farbe - Willy Braspennincx", and the work "Lido" (serigraph) of the Belgian artist Willy Braspennincx is given on the title page.

PPS (23-12-2013):
Moreover Mrs Masthoff has generously sent me the nice chess ex libris depicted below (it was produced by the above mentioned artist Willy Braspennincx), and a copy of her lovely booklet Ein Exlibris zieht Kreise – An Ex Libris is making waves: A bi-lingual (i.e. German/English), limited and numbered edition of 150 copies, 37 pages (unpaginated), with many attractive color illustrations and photographs. It deals with the English composer Sir William T. Walton or his ex libris respectively which is given on the title page. This ex libris, designed by the Italian artist Gino Severini, shows the familiar Pulcinella motif, and in her booklet Eva Masthoff pursues some questions still open with regard to the bookplate. (Published by Frederikshavn Kunstmuseum, October 2001; ISBN 87 7317 282 0.)



Click image to enlarge!




The booklet has nothing to do with chess so far, from the Wikipedia page of William Walton we learn among other things that he wrote a Cello Concerto for Gregor Piatigorsky in 1956. That at least will remind each chess aficionado of Jacqueline Piatigorsky as well who passed away last year at the age of 100(!)  (*6-11-1911  †15-07-2012), and of the exhibition in her honor currently staged at the World Chess Hall of Fame in Saint Louis. The exhibition is meanwhile announced on our page Events, I give here once more the link to the wonderful Jacqueline Piatigorsky page.

Ralf Binnewirtz, 07-12-2013 / updated 18-12-2013 and 23-12-2013


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