The foundation Schach- und Kulturstiftung G.H.S. (Munic), whose founder and chairman is our member Georg Schweiger, has published a catalog on the exhibition "Schach in Wort und Bild":
Machtspiele und Ambivalenzen - Schach und Kultur in den 30er Jahren des 20. Jahrhunderts



More about the book on the page of the foundation and in the (German) ChessBase report The price of the catalog is 29 € + postage, you can order directly from Georg Schweiger  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Meanwhile available is the guest book of the chess world championship 1934 in Germany:
Rainer Buland, Bernadette Edtmaier, Georg Schweiger 
Das Gästebuch der Schachweltmeisterschaft 1934 in Deutschland
Faksimile, Forschungsergebnisse, Geschichte und Umfeld. Unter Mitarbeit von: Mario Ziegler, Stefan Haas, Michael Ehn, Nurjehan Gottschild und Günther G. Bauer
Reihe: Ludographie - Spiel und Spiele
Bd. 2, 2014, 312 S., 29.90 EUR, gb., ISBN 978-3-643-50606-1 
See the page of the publisher LIT-Verlag as well as

You may also order from our German member IM Bernd Schneider (for KWF&A members postage free worldwide!):
Liebermannstr. 16
42719 Solingen
phone  +49 (0)212-66095
fax       +49 (0)212-66098
e-mail   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PS (13-07-2014): A review by Harry Schaack was published in KARL 2/2014, p.65.





Still available is also the catalog Von der Krone zum Bürger. Schach in der höfischen und bürgerlichen Kultur von 1750-1850 (2011; 142 pp., price 29 € + postage).

See also the KARL review by Harry Schaack.

If you order both catalogs, the postage in Germany is 4.10 € altogether.





A New Book from The Chess Player

and it’s something special!

"Mannheim 1914 and the

Interned Russians" 


94 games (the other 5 are lost) from the Masters’ Tournament at Mannheim which was broken off when World War I began, with extensive notes. Alekhine won ahead of Vidmar, Spielmann, Breyer, Marshall, Réti, Janowski, Bogoljubow, Tarrasch, Duras, John, Tartakower, Fahrni, Post, Carls, Krüger, Flamberg and Mieses.

90 games from the lower sections (all that are known), many never published before, many with notes.

103 games from the tournaments played by the interned players in Baden Baden and Triberg, plus other games played in consultation, in matches and by correspondence. All the available games, many with notes.

Almost half the book, more than 250 pages, tells the full story of what happened when the tournament was broken off – a story never told before of the arrests, internments, the ones that got away. The author has attempted to follow all 40 Russians who were at Mannheim playing, reporting and spectating and to tell their stories. Magazine and newspaper articles are quoted from the USA, Britain, Germany, Russia, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, France, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Australia and more. Alekhine’s story has some surprises!

The book contains (approximately) 373 games and 1 problem, 232 diagrams and 130 illustrations (photographs, maps, documents).

In early August 1914 there were 12 Russians left in Mannheim facing internment and by mid-1918 there were just 2 left. The book explains how and why.

This is one of the strangest stories in modern chess and it is has now been researched and recounted for the first time.

ISBN 978-0-9927924-2-8; 525 pages, hardcover     £40.00

The book is currently with the printer. Planned publication date August 1st 2014 (the centenary of the breaking off of the tournament).

Reduced price for KWF&A members: £35.00 plus postage




The long-awaited tournament book on Meran 1924 and 1926 by our Italian member Luca D’Ambrosio has been published now!




Cover verso -
please click to enlarge!

Some bibliographic details:

Limited edition of 330 copies
Hardcover (synthetic leather), large format (27.4 x 20.9 x 3.6 cm), 500 pages
thread-stitching, dust jacket, picking belt
language: German
weight 2.2 kg

Luca D’Ambrosio has provided some additional information (all PDFs):
- Front cover
- Folder on the book
- Excerpt from the book (2.3 MB)

See also the announcement at

Price, 20% reduced only for KWF&A members: 62 € + postage
The postage varies between 23 € and 44 €, depending on the country of destination and the kind of delivery. Available on request (together with the bank details), please address yourself to Luca D’Ambrosio This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

For readers' reactions see



John Townsend:

My new book, "Historical notes on some chess players", is now available in a limited edition of one hundred copies. It is a hardback, size 234 x 156 mm., bound in green cloth, with spine and upper cover lettered in brass. It is a collection of biographical notes on some British chess personalities of the nineteenth century. Here will be found very much that is new. The first chapter has brief notes about a very large number of players having in common that they were all members of the old London Chess Club, founded in 1807. Some are familiar names, including Alexander McDonnell, William Lewis, Deschapelles, Richard Penn, Daniel Harrwitz, William M. Popert, Frederick Lokes Slous, George Perigal, Augustus Mongredien, and George Webb Medley, while others are hardly known and sometimes no more than names appearing in the club's records.

Detailed studies follow of Jacob Sarratt, John Brand, C.F. Smith, and Charles Henry Stanley. The aim has been to paint the players' lives against the background of the changing times and places in which they lived. There are many revelations, some startling.

The final chapter is an update on my research into Howard Staunton's former identity, a topic which was introduced in my 2011 book, "Notes on the life of Howard Staunton". It builds on the discovery that the famous man was at one time known by the name of Charles Sta(u)nton.

It is hoped that this blend of little about many followed by much about few will be an agreeable formula. Illustrating that chess players are individuals, the subjects under discussion include one cricketer, one freemason, two military officers, two "lunatics", one prisoner in jail, one homophobe, one alcoholic, and one suicide - some players falling into more than one category! The book is extensively researched, and is based on new historical material, which is the raison d'être for the book. Copious notes at the end of each chapter quote source references, etc., and there is an index of names. With three illustrative games, one problem, four chess diagrams; x + 146 pp.

The price of one copy sent by airmail to Europe is 23.10 pounds. You can pay by PayPal (when a 3% surcharge will be applied to cover costs) or by bank transfer (please ask for our bank account details). Otherwise, fuller details about ordering can be found on this web page:



Our Dutch member Peter de Jong (De Meern) has just informed us that he finished two minor publications last year: 600 Schaakgezichten [600 Chess Faces] and 325 Schaaktoernooien [325 Chess Tournaments], both privately printed and in a small edition only.

The two books exclusively contain images of chess players and chess tournaments, collected over the years from many different sources. Many come from private collections, others for instance have been found on the internet.
The books are not sold on a commercial basis, and at the moment only a few copies are left. But as the books were highly appreciated and as inquiries are still going on, Peter considers a reprint (i.e. 20 copies of each book), especially in case of a growing interest on the part of the KWF&A members.
Peter has also provided some image files (all PDFs):
600 Schaakgezichten – cover
325 Schaaktoernooien – cover / excerpt

As the books are printed on demand and in a small edition, the price is 25 € for 600 Schaakgezichten (111 pages) and 29.50 € for 325 Schaaktoernooien (171 pages).

Please contact Peter de Jong This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to order the books.
Preferred payment by bank transfer; PayPal is still possible for transactions outside Europe.


Additional information