Rudolf Glenk (Forchheim) has just published two books on Marcus Hieronymus Vida’s Scacchia Ludus:





The first book is a bibliographic work on the German editions of Vida’s Scacchia Ludus, commented by Rudolf Glenk (in German; 100 pp., hardcover, with many colored illustrations). You will find his preface in this PDF file.

Price: 59 € plus postage






The second book in the same get-up is a reprint of the Vida edition Frankfurt / Leipzig 1754, a translation from the Latin by N.A. Hiesebock: [4] + 56 + [4] pp.

Price: 39 € plus postage


Both books are limited and numbered editions of only 40 copies each, you can order directly from Rudolf Glenk if you are interested. All details (in German) are gathered in this PDF file.





Govert Westerveld, our well-known Spanish member of Dutch origin, resident in Blanca (Murcia), has been and is still very active as a draughts and chess historian and as an author of books and articles in his fields of interest. 

Meanwhile retired, he has started to write books in English, the page gives an overview of his impressive output over the years. His last four books about chess (in English) deal with the period 1475-1500, the exciting time of Lucena when new rules developed ... and among his latest works is also a biography of Lucena’s father, the ambassador Juan Ramírez de Lucena. 
Govert Westerveld is currently already busy with the preparation of further books in English:
- his book on Queen Isabel la Católica (Valencia 2004) in 2 volumes
- a book on the research concerning Lucena
- the wanderings of Lucena after 1500
- the wanderings of Francesh Vicent after 1500

In order that fellow researchers know about the results of his research (and not have to reinvent the wheel), Govert Westerveld offers his books online as PDFs - for this purpose he has created the group Lucena's Chess History on where you can join as a member for a small annual fee of $5 only! After your registration and approval of your membership you will have access to all his pdf files and this way be able to read through his books. And you may still think about buying the one or the other as printed matter ...

Email Govert Westerveld: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some further links:





Tim Harding’s new work Joseph Henry Blackburne: A Chess Biography has just been published by McFarland (at a price of $75), it is already listed on Amazon UK (£49.95) and expected to be soon available in Germany as well. All relevant information is gathered on Tim Harding’s pages, see Certainly a book of great interest to our members!



It was in 1935 - now 80 years ago - that Max Euwe became the 5th world chess champion. On this occasion our Dutch member Peter de Jong will release two books on Euwe and Dutch chess history.
All information is gathered in the following pdf files:

Announcement of the books
Excerpt from the first book
Excerpt from the second book



Øystein Brekke, our Norwegian member, has informed us about a further anniversary book he has written and which was published already last year.




328 pp., format A4, hardcover
Language: Norwegian
Shop price: 348.-- kr  (about 39.30 €)


This book with the title "Norske sjakktrekk" (Norwegian chess moves) was released on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Norwegian Chess Federation in July 2014, so exactly 1 year ago. It contains a general history of chess in Norway through all ages, naturally with a certain focus on the background of the founding of the Norwegian Chess Federation (on 20 July 1914), and the further development of chess in this country (which, for well-known reasons, has exploded over the past years).

The book met with a very positive, partly enthusiastic reception, and the author kindly offers a 20% discount to KWA members.

More details at Øystein Brekke's chess shop!

Other chess books from his pen are included in the section Publications of Our Members.





Our Spanish member José A. Garzón has published a new book, stating that it is his most personal work.

His book El Ajedrez del Virrey - Virrey Chess was published in a bilingual edition (Spanish and English) by Alenar Editors. It deals with a reform of the game on the basis of minimal changes of the rules, to be more specific on changing the rules of pawn promotion. You may read more about that in his introduction, as well as find additional information on this webpage and in this pdf file (in Spanish). Moreover Marcos Gonzalo (Alenar Editors) has provided a flyer on the book.

We give also an image of the dust jacket

For KWF&A members, the book is offered for a reduced price (discount of 10%). The shop price is 20 €. To order the book, please contact the editor Marcos Zacarés
( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and mention your KWA membership! 


Rafael Solaz and Vicente A. Aliaga, the turner
who made the first prototype of the set

Valencia Noticias



Paul Tamm, a chess enthusiast from Estonia, has published a biography of his unforgotten compatriot Paul Keres:



Paul Tamm
Meenutusi Paul Keresest
Published by Lüüra, Tallinn 2014

edited by (our junior member)
Margus Sööt and Ülar Lauk

Paperback, 176 p.
21 x 15 cm
ISBN 9789949380107 

Price: 12.84 €



More information (in Estonian) on




Former member Udo Güldner and member Rudolf Glenk have recently published the interview of Rudolf Glenk on the occasion of the latter's 75th birthday in book form (the formerly published online version is linked on




Udo Güldner
Rudolf Glenk

Interview mit Rudolf Glenk

Rudolf Glenk zum 75. Geburtstag

Self-published, Forchheim 2014-10-18
(GLF-Sonderdruck / Privatdruck)

20 pages, hardcover,
ca. 14 x 20 cm
mini edition of 10 numbered copies only




This is a very attractive small book, with a nice get-up and a bibliophilic layout (color print on slightly colored paper). The well-known bookplate of R. Glenk (Kachelofen / tile stove) was reproduced as frontispiece and an additional photo of R. Glenk on the title page. There is a further bookplate reproduced on the last page inside [22] as well as a smaller one stuck on the front inside cover. The 10 existent copies have been distributed to chess friends of Rudolf Glenk.




Guy Van Habberney and Henri Serruys are pleased to announce their new publication which is only available for members of the KWF&A - the first 4 years of our CSQ newsletter in one volume:

Title page of CSQ 13 (November 2013)


Sneak preview copies were already circulated in Braunschweig last week, and we can now confirm: chairman Guy Van Habberney and auditor Henri Serruys have bundled the first 4 years (16 issues) of the Chess Stalker Quarterly into one volume. The pagination has been made continuous, a table of contents as well as an index have been added, while Guy Van Habberney wrote an introduction. To control the costs, the publication will be in black and white only.

Bound in hardcover, signed and numbered, the first 4 years of the CSQ will be available by subscription only at the cost of 30 € plus postage.

To order, please contact Guy Van Habberney ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or Henri Serruys ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) BEFORE JANUARY 1, 2015.


The biography of Miguel Najdorf written by his daughter Liliana, Najdorf x Najdorf (Biblioteca Nacional: Editorial Gran Blanco, Buenos Aires 1999 and 2008. 214 pp.), has been translated into Polish. Our member Tomasz Lissowski has kindly provided scans and photos.



Liliana Najdorf:
Najdorf o Najdorfie

Penelopa, Warsaw 2014
paperback, 160 pp.
with many photographs

ISBN 978-83-62908-80-6
format 16.5 x 23.5 cm
weight 299 g

Numerous historical errors in the original Argentine edition have been traced by Tomasz Lissowski.

We add an information of the publisher (jpg file).



Cover verso -
click to enlarge



Meeting of the Polish Chess Federation (click to enlarge) -
on the right you can spot Prof. Tadeusz Wolsza;
fourth from left: Tomasz Lissowski, next to him
Jerzy Moraś (editor of Najdorf o Najdorfie)


Tomasz Lissowski with Liliana Najdorf who visited Warsaw in July.




Two eminent chess books have been released recently, A.J. Gillam’s work on Mannheim 1914 and the Interned Russians and Peter J. Monté's The Classical Era of Modern Chess.


After his work on Ostende 1906 (published 2005 by Caissa Editions, see this is the second "big" tournament book by A.J. Gillam. (Some may have lost track of all his smaller publications, you can find them at






1st edition
The Chess Player, Nottingham 2014
Large hardback, light green cloth, 525 pp.
ISBN 978-0-9927924-2-8

Shop price £ 40 (in Germany 59 €) + postage



The author has already described the relevant contents of the book in his announcement (from May 2014), and still more is to find in Brian Almeida’s recent review at The Truth is Out There. Altogether I can only agree: the wealth of new information, along with hundreds of unearthed games and rare photographs offer a true treasure trove for historically interested chess friends. And it is Tony Gillam's credit (and that of his collaborators – we have to mention here first and foremost the German author Stefan Haas who published a book on Mannheim 1914 in the previous year) that we can now learn so much about the fate and the chess activities of some prominent masters during WWI – above all Alekhine and Bogoljubow.
Unfortunately some of the (smaller) photographs in the book are very grainy or fuzzy (also pointed out by Tony Gillam), and it is always the question if you should still include such photos (I would prefer to omit them). But this point doesn’t seriously affect the overall excellent impression. The enormous research work and efforts put into this book are worthy of the highest praise. Best you buy the book!

PS (17-09-2014):
- A.J.Gillam's commentary concerning the above linked review by Brian Almeida: The Review of Mannheim 1914 and the Interned Russians
- Hans Ree read A.J.Gillam's Mannheim 1914 and the Interned Russians, see NIC 2014/6, p.96-100 - "The Great Folly".




1st edition
McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, Jefferson, NC, 2014

Large hardback, 594 pp.
ISBN  978-0-7864-6688-7
Price $65.00 / 59.95 €







You will find an introduction / summary and sample pages (PDF) at, as well as a first review by John Elburg at

In a group photo from our Amsterdam meeting 2005, i.e. from a visit to the KB Den Haag, Peter J. Monté can be spotted – standing between Rudolf Reinhardt and Bert Corneth.

Peter J. Monté's tome is the result of a meticulous and most diligent research of nearly 25 years (!) – a possibly record-breaking effort. That alone commands respect and deserves our appreciation. And the book has been scholarly written, with extraordinary care, so it is a profound, reliable and up-to-date reference work for all those working on the chess history of the 15th to 17th century – that is the most interesting period when the evolution of chess made several quantum leaps, i.e. the game experienced far-reaching changes leading from medieval chess (still a shatranj version) to modern chess. But also for all chess friends with a deeper interest in the history of our game this book is certainly a must-have. I would not recommend the work to chess players lacking that interest, the book is no light fiction which would be all too easy to read through.

No doubt the author has done a great job, though I recently also heard a slight critique from a chess friend: in large parts the work would be a very thorough juxtaposition of all the manuscripts from that a.m. period, but a connecting "thread" is somewhat missing, and the reader may not see anymore the wood for all the trees. I think that this objection is not so unjustified. On the other hand, especially the early history of chess is only fragmentarily known (and hence often subject to speculations), so a book on it will be an image of that piecemeal to a certain degree. I will leave it at that remark – maybe others will still discuss this issue in more detail.


Additional information