Isaak M. Linder (†)

Among the numerous chess historical works by Isaak M. Linder (also here co-authored by his son Vladimir I.) I have selected one of the most recent and hefty (nearly 2 kg) items: Kings of the Chess World – "Terra Sport" Moscow 2001 – An extensive account including documents on the chess world champions from Steinitz to Kramnik – whose chapter incidentally turns out to be remarkably short. (M.N.)

Further publications:

co-authored by Wladimir Linder
Emanuel Lasker, eds. Richard Forster, Stefan Hansen, Michael Negele (Exzelsior Verlag Berlin, 2009), chapter 6: Emanuel Lasker in Russland, pp. 131-164




Tomasz Lissowski




Our friend Tomasz Lissowski from Warsaw is a guarantee of high quality – besides his impressive work on Zukertort (together with Cezary Domański) his biography and game collection of Lionel Kieseritzky (Wydawnictwo DiG, Warsaw 1996), a joint work with GM Bartłomiej Macieja seems to me to have received much too less attention. (M.N.)

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Further publications:

Dawid Przepiorka - His Life and Work (The Chess Player, Nottingham 1999. 59 pp.)

Szymon Winawer (The Chess Player, Nottingham 2000. 76 pp.)

co-authored by Mirosława Litmanowicz:
Karol Irzykowski. Pióro i szachy   (Penelopa, Warsaw 2001. 139 pp.) - Cover
See also Karol Irzykowski – Literat und Schachspieler by Thomas Lemanczyk at ChessBase (in German).

co-authored by Cezary W. Domański:
Arcymistrz z Lublina (Penelopa, Warsaw 2002)
See the German edition of the Zukertort biography.

Four Polish Championships. Warsaw 1926, Lodz 1927, Warsaw 1935, Jurata 1937
(The Chess Player, Nottingham 2003. 65 pp.)

co-authored by Adrian Mikhalchishin & Miguel Najdorf:
Najdorf: Life and Games (Batsford, London 2005. 256 pp.) - Cover and text verso.
Review by Taylor Kingston at ChessCafe.

co-authored by Wojciech Kulik and Feliks Przysuski:
Jurek Lewi (Penelopa, Warsaw 2007) - Cover and text verso.
Background report by Tomasz Lissowski

co-authored by Wolfgang Kamm:
Emanuel Lasker
, eds. Richard Forster, Stefan Hansen, Michael Negele (Exzelsior Verlag Berlin, 2009), chapter 1: Emanuel Laskers Vorfahren, Familie und Kindheit, pp. 1-26

Young Najdorf
(The Chess Player, Nottingham 2010. 151 pp.) - Cover
Review by "Chess Reader"

co-authored by Jerzy Konikowski & Jerzy Moraś
Mistrz Przepiórka (Penelopa, Warsaw 2013. 269 pp.)



Larry List

New York member Larry List’s interests have been in the intersections between chess-play, chess set design and the rich interrelations with visual arts and music. His book The Imagery of Chess Revisited, (2005, in English only) chronicles the 1944-45 exhibition of Surrealist chess themed art & music organized by French chess master Marcel Duchamp. 32 Pieces: The Art of Chess, Mark Sanders, ed. (2009, in English & Icelandic) includes List’s extensive essay, "New Forms for a New Era," which examines contemporary artists’ visions of chess in the context of 20th century chess & art history. A full essay translation in Czech is available as well.



PS (24-06-2014):

The exhibition Cage & Kaino: Pieces and Performances in the World Chess Hall of Fame was organized by Larry List, you will find detailed information and a fine downloadable exhibition brochure at
For another show Strategy by Design: Games by Michael Graves see



Claes Løfgren

For the first two years (till 1977) our Danish chess friend and collector distinguished himself as an editor of the "Organ for Dansk Skakbibliofil Forening" – nowadays "Skakbog-Samleren" is an exceptional treasure for bibliophiles. The magazine was published till 1984, sometimes with German contributions, for example by Gerd Meyer, Lübeck. Today Claes is still quite active as a writer, among other things with contributions to the Danish magazine "Skakbladet". (M.N.)

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Manfred Mädler



There’s a pleasant little book filled with anecdotes provoking some hearty laughs, written by the chess journalist, publisher and correspondence chess IM Manfred Mädler in those days in Düsseldorf (1991; 79 pp.) – 1996 he returned to his native town Dresden ( Dear Manfred, when will you put pen to paper and write down your own chess memoirs? (R.B.)






  Karel Mokry



Another grandmaster in the KWA, but also a "Great" one for us collectors. Our Czech friend is regarded as an always reliable, nearly inexhaustible source for chess literature (chess bookshop), but now I have discovered him as an author too. Surely this kind of opening literature is not necessarily the main aspect of my collecting passion but here GM Mokry has impressively described the French Defence. (M.N.)





Peter J. Monté


The graduated historian Dr Peter J. Monté decided to join our association not before the publication of his magnificent work in 2014 - it was widely praised and made him famous among chess historians all over the world. And rightly so, as by this monumental book, which took him nearly 25 years of research he stands in the tradition of H.J.R. Murray and his A History of Chess. It mainly deals with the period when the game transformed from the slow medieval game into modern dynamic chess with its new rules and long-ranging pieces, it describes painstakingly all the manuscripts from Lucena to Greco, and considers all relevant literature on chess history written before, including that of our members Yuri Averbakh, Alessandro Sanvito and José Garzón. Definitely, this seminal work will still be an indispensable reference book for generations of future chess historians and experts dealing with that bygone era of chess.
(R.B., IX 2016)



Godehard Murkisch


A German publication on the subject "problem chess" undergoing a third revised edition may be nearly considered as a singularity! The attractive paperback is filled with 300 well-chosen tricky problems (1st ed. Munich 1980; 2nd ed. 1982; 3rd ed. 1985, 224 pp.) – time and again you will just like to pick up this small classic. Godehard Murkisch founded his own publishing house in 1999: Nightrider Unlimited. (R.B.)

Here is a list of the Kuhn†/Murkisch series:
nos. 1-30 (jpg-file) / nos. 31-45 (PDF)





  Michael Negele


Natural scientists don’t really tend to be "masterly men of letters" too, therefore our chairman is a "late developer". It was in Kaissiber No. 15 (Summer 2000), that is as early as in his 43rd year that he could go on in a thirty-page article about the "Dispute of Theoreticians" on the Goldman Variation (1.e4 c6 2.Nc3 d5 3.Qf3) and its exponents. Just as generous was the editor Stefan Bücker in Kaissiber 18: M.N. was allowed to elaborate on "The crime of Mr. Heyde" (Spring 2002) on 30 pages too. Meanwhile 16 articles of 4-10 pages have already been published in KARL till end of 2008 and the traditional magazine SCHACH published some contributions in 2005 and 2006 as well. (M.N.)

Contents of the first 20 numbers of Kaissiber (pdf-file)

Additional publications:
(as editor/co-author:)
Together with Richard Forster and Stefan Hansen: Emanuel Lasker. Denker, Weltenbürger, Schachweltmeister (Berlin, 2009) - see Lasker Monograph. Epilogue: Jenseits des Zufalls - Schach war doch das Leben, pp. 989-1055



Friðrik Ólafsson

Original chess literature from the North Atlantic Fire Island has not become widespread and is virtually unknown in wide parts of the chess world. The work by our famous Icelandic member presented here was already published a good 33 years ago (1976), it has kindly been transferred to me by Gunnar Finnlaugsson. On 240 pages it contains a selection of annotated attacking games of the author against nearly all important chess figures of the relevant period (including numerous diagrams, tournament tables as well as black and white pictures; each game with a preceding introduction). For lack of my knowledge of Icelandic I am not able to give a more detailed assessment of the text, so I will allow Gunnar to speak here (see the accompanying info sheet below). Collectors who regard quality highly will also appreciate the solid and appealing presentation (hardback edition with dust cover and sewn binding).





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