Tony Gillam delivers a lecture on Paul Schmidt


The artist Elke Rehder was a guest of our meeting,
for Andreas Saremba's visit to her home in 2014

Sunday boat tour on the "Kieler Fjörde" -
Tony Gillam, Jurgen Stigter and Bert Corneth


Bert Corneth squinting in the sun

Siegfried Schönle with his wife Petra Lootz 



Guy Van Habberney and Henri Serruys were on a visit to Lübeck on Sunday:



Lübeck's landmark - the famous "Holstentor"

Henri Serruys in front of Gerd Meyer's home


And they even found a chess book reference
on a place name sign!



Photographs provided by Andreas Saremba, Siegfried Schönle and Guy Van Habberney.



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