Tim Harding's new work Joseph Henry Blackburne: A Chess Biography has just been published by McFarland (at a price of $75), it is already listed on Amazon UK (£49.95) and expected to be soon available in Germany as well. All relevant information is gathered on Tim Harding's pages, see www.chessmail.com/research/blackburne.html.
Certainly a book of great interest to our members!

PS (11-10-2015): The Blackburne biography has been included in the Publications of our Members.

Rolf Littorin

* 3 January 1923   † 3 September 2015

Rolf Littorin, the great Swedish chess collector who was also a founding member of our association, is no longer with us. After a short illness he recently passed away at the age of 92. He leaves behind his wife Birgitta, his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Rolf will be sorely missed and fondly remembered by his family and his friends. 
Calle Erlandsson and Peter Holmgren have written an obituary (in Swedish), published at www.lask.se/arkiv.asp?id=3392
You may find some details on the deceased (in English) in our former birthday greetings:
- Rolf Littorin 85
- Rolf Littorin turned 90!

It was in 1935 - now 80 years ago - that Max Euwe became the 5th world chess champion. On this occasion our Dutch member Peter de Jong will release two books on Euwe and Dutch chess history.
All information is gathered in the following pdf files:

- Announcement of the books
- Excerpt from the first book
- Excerpt from the second book


PS (08-09-2015):
David DeLucia has published a new book:
Seven Days in BambergThe Best of the Lothar Schmid collection
For details see https://www.newinchess.com/...
and Edward Winter's C.N. 9421.


Kurt Landsberger
* 28 December 1920   † 19 December 2014

As we learned only yesterday, our dear old friend, long-time KWA member and Steinitz biographer Kurt Landsberger had passed away virtually 8 months ago, and 9 days before his 94th birthday. A (quite belated) obituary will follow.

Øystein Brekke, our Norwegian member, has informed us about a further anniversary book he has written and which was published already last year.

Read more in our column New Chess Literature.

Our chairman has written a short résumé of this year’s summer auction in Braunschweig, and he as well as (mainly) Michael Negele have taken a series of photos. 


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Our deputy chairman, IM John Donaldson recently gave a lecture at the WCHOF on Bobby Fischer: Enjoy A Prodigy's Progress (on YouTube).

Our Spanish member José A. Garzón has published a new book, stating that it is his most personal work.

Read more on our page New Literature.



The unexpected death of Roger Klittich has deeply touched all those who had known him. Michael Negele has provided an extensive obituary accompanied by a lot of photographs.

A German version of Michael Negele's text (slightly modified) is available in this pdf file!

Read more: Obituary of Roger Klittich

Michael Clapham has written a short tribute to the late Roger Klittich:


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