FluxChess – A fascinating combination of chess and art:
Annual exhibition of the SEEWERK in Moers-Kapellen puts the main focus on Fluxus artist Takako Saito – organized and displayed by Angelika Petri and Frank Merks.

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Chess Olympiad Istanbul 2012
Our treasurer Michael Negele was not the only KWA member who recently visited the Chess Olympiad in Istanbul. He and Calle Erlandsson (who was there a little earlier together with Jurgen Stigter) have provided us with a selection of photos which we like to show you in the following...

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Zukertort Plaque Unveiled
Our treasurer Michael Negele was present when at Simpson's-in-the-Strand a plaque in commemoration of Johannes Hermann Zukertort was unveiled. The ceremony took place on August 23rd...


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Chess Summer in Brunswick and Potsdam

The weekend of 23/24 June combined two consecutive chess highlights: The Klittich-Pfankuch auction and the unique "Spectacle of the Mind" in Potsdam.

Enjoy our pictorial report: Chess Summer in Brunswick and Potsdam

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