Michael Negele

After the welcome and introduction by chairman Bob van de Velde, Michael Negele took the rostrum for a presentation of his new book on Paul Felix Schmidt 'A Winning Formula' and its genesis. When the Schmidt project was first presented to us at the KWA meeting in October 2015 in Kiel, it was planned as a cooperation by Michael and Tony Gillam. However, disagreements between them sadly caused this plan to fail, and instead two books have appeared – a games collection with a brief biography by Tony and a thorough biography, with 12 selected games, co-written by Michael and Eva Regina Magacs, daughter of Paul Felix Schmidt.


Part of the audience: Per Skjoldager, Michael Clapham, Bob van de Velde, Godehard Murkisch, Bert Corneth, Jurgen Stigter, Matthias Limberg and Wolfgang Pähtz

Michael explained how it came about that the book is partly in English and partly in German – and modestly stated that he actually likes the English translation by Regina Magacs better than his original German contribution ...

But when the book was later distributed to those present, we could convince ourselves that both were of high quality, as indeed the book is very successful both in content and get-up. A promising start for Michael´s publishing activity Edition Randstein.

Claes Lofgren

Quite a pile

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