Wladimir V. Sokolow

* 27-03-1950  † 28-09-2016

Wladimir Sokolow, who had left our association already some years ago, was one of our founder members. After a severe illness he passed away in September, he leaves his wife Elsa and a daughter. There is a short obituary on the site of his chess club, the SV 23 Böckingen (in German).

Wladimir Sokolow owned a remarkable collection of chess literature and was also a zealous problem composer, having published a few little books on problem chess as well (see our birthday greetings March 2004 - bottom of page). He has intensely worked on a Bogolyubov biography, unfortunately this project will remain unfinished now.


Wladimir Sokolow 
in the midst of his collection


Michael Negele visited him in Heilbronn previous to the foundation of the KWA, i.e. in May 2002, see the two photos. In last spring Michael had still talked to him on phone, but Wladimir was already not doing well.


Michael Negele with Wladimir Sokolow


Wladimir Sokolow was a likeable barter partner and a very committed collector.
Again a big collection whose fate seems to be uncertain.


Michael Negele



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