Frank Hoppe (Berlin), webmaster of the DSB (German Chess Federation) and new member of the KWA&F, can celebrate his 52nd birthday today. Congratulations!





Anyway, Frank Hoppe’s long-time commitment for the DSB and also for the Berliner Schachverband (Berlin Chess Association) deserves respect and acknowledgment. This morning he has released a great pictorial report on his visit to the German chess village Löberitz on the occasion of the "Löberitzer Schachtage" in last June, together with DSB president Herbert Bastian and Michael Negele. Have a look at Zu Besuch im Schachmuseum Löberitz with an extra large series of photos. Below we give only a few additional snapshots (provided by Michael Negele).

Maybe also a KWA meeting in Löberitz (and Leipzig) could come true in 2017, let’s wait and see.





Some refreshment in Löberitz -
you may spot Frank Hoppe (on the left)
and Robert Hübner (on the right)



Two chess historians shake hands:
Konrad Reiß (SG 1871 Löberitz) and Michael Negele.
Konrad Reiß is our second "birthday man" today, 
congratulations as well!



Publications authored by Konrad Reiß
(above and below)




A copy dedicated to Michael Negele
- larger version

A very fine Selenus copy, the show-piece of
the Löberitz chess museum.



Overview of the original owners
of the "Selenus"
- larger version 





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