Via Göttingen to Braunschweig

I practically felt obliged to attend this year’s annual KWA meeting in Braunschweig on the eve of the Klittich-Pfankuch auction, as on the one hand  after the retirement of our long-time chairman Guy Van Habberney − the course had to be newly set for the future of our association; on the other hand chess friend Godehard Murkisch had invited me to come already two days earlier to Göttingen which I had willingly accepted, all the more as it would be my first visit to the famous university town in Lower Saxony.

Godehard Murkisch will be only superficially known to most members from my former birthday greetings (2005 / 2010); let me just add that he is a man of kind modesty and wide erudition, and it is always pleasing and inspiring to meet him in person. At this point I will give only three photographs of my visit to his "own world": 


Godehard with his impressive collection of problem chess literature which contains
many a rarity. The above (partly visible) shelf units are only one half,
the second half on the opposite side is depicted on the next photo:


Apart from his main collecting field, Godehard still owns countless other books on chess as well as on (natural) sciences and humanities, especially he has intensely dealt with philosophy (Wittgenstein, Schopenhauer). Another passion is directed at music, Godehard is a fan of Rhythm & Blues of the fifties /sixties and he also plays the piano, as is proved by the following photo.



I have to thank both a lot, Godehard and his wife Irmtraud Hartwig for their generous hospitality and for the entertaining guided tours of the city, thus getting acquainted with some beautiful sites of Göttingen (certainly not all, due to the shortness of time and the unsettled weather).

Godehard has also agreed to eventually arrange a future KWA meeting in Göttingen, we should keep this kind offer in mind. 

Let’s now move on to the official annual meeting of the KWA on Friday evening: The Klittich-Pfankuch family had not only provided the auction hall for this purpose, but also cared for the physical well-being of the attendees with excellent wine and tasty snacks  once again sincere thanks for that!



A bottle of "Württemberg MOPS" wine

Bernd Schneider prefers a rosé.



Michael Clapham and Guy Van Habberney
still looking at one another with questioning looks


You may look up the agenda here, subsequently I will mention the most relevant issues:

US membership outreach: the succession of Andy Ansel as country representative is still vacant.

'Teaser' memberships: Only 4 out of 20 (i.e. 20%) have decided to join our group. In my view not overwhelming.


Guy was good-humored that day

Our treasurer presented the Financial reports for 2015 and 2016 (draft), moreover a Membership analysis listing the members who have paid their fee as well as the free memberships, with an additional regional analysis. The budget for 2016 shows a deficit of €800 for this year. 
These 3 pages are linked in our member section.

The annual membership fees will remain unchanged, as given on our website − page Memberships/Members.

Defaulters among the members: they will be contacted / asked if they are willing to pay their fee or prefer to leave the KWA, so that we will get an updated member list. According to Guy Van Habberney most US members have renewed their memberships.

Another suggestion by Michael Clapham applies to the BoC database which has caused the biggest expense in the last two years. Efforts should be made to capitalize on this asset and to recover some of the costs (offering the use of the database by non-members for money), this will be one of the future tasks of the KWA. Karl Klittich has already offered his assistance.

The only currently supported book project is  the Paul Schmidt biography by Tony Gillam and Michael Negele which is expected to be published in a few months, in any case still in this year.

CSQ newsletter: we have sufficient contributions to fill the coming August and November issues. For 2017 further articles by committed authors are still searched for!
Bob van de Velde will provide an editorial text for each issue.


Per Skjoldager reports on the BoC database.

At the moment 60 active BoC users are registered, naturally the individual activities have not been observed. (Certainly the most active user is Bernd Schneider!)
The advantages and benefit of the BoC have to be made known to a wider public in order to facilitate the a.m. capitalization.


Additional information