Further finds on Albrecht Buschke
- see my editing of the Buschke autobiography in our CSQ 15, 16 &17 (2014).


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The Chess Collection of Dr. Albrecht Buschke
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Jacques Mieses

A letter by Mieses, excusing Max Blümich from deleting the names of Jewish masters from the "Lehrbuch des Schachspiels" by Dufresne/Mieses:


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How pictures look alike:


Emanuel Lasker as chess consultant for the silent movie Napoleon auf St. Helena.
Werner Kraus as Napoleon and Lupu Pick, the film director.


Alexander Alekhine in Hollywood


José R. Capablanca in Hollywood


Berthold and Emanuel Lasker:

Jacques Mieses, Berthold and Emanuel Lasker, Frank Marshall (1908)



A rare photo of Berthold Lasker.
The caption gives the photographer in Berlinchen!

Great caricature of Emanuel Lasker by the
Dutch artist Willem Hendrik van der Nat.
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On Tuesday a spontaneous gathering still came about in Amsterdam, as two days before (on Sunday) I had received an email of our Austrian friend Karl Kadletz who planned to come to Amsterdam with his wife. Where there’s a will, there’s a way (to meet):


Jurgen Stigter, Bob van de Velde, Karl Kadletz and Michael Negele



Michael Negele (text & photographs)
Ralf Binnewirtz (editing & translation)



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