Just back from a two-day visit to Amsterdam and Wijk aan Zee, we can offer the first snapshots (provided by Michael Negele) - it's only a very short foretaste of what will come, as we plan to give soon a more detailed pictorial report on this tour.

Below a photo from a first get-together (on the occasion of the cash audit) at the new home of Winifred and Bob van de Velde - once more we have to express our thanks to both for their very obliging hospitality.

From left: (sitting) Geurt Gijssen, Ralf Binnewirtz, Winifred van de Velde,
Guy Van Habberney, Bert Corneth, Tony Gillam, Jurgen Stigter -
(standing) Henri Serruys and Bob van de Velde 
- click to enlarge!


On Sunday morning we (Michael Negele and yours truly) met again there to talk with Bob about the new edition of the Lasker monograph, Michael will focus on this project from the middle of this year.

The Lasker team - Bob van de Velde presents a gift received from Michael -
each true chess fan will know this drawing and the man depicted there.



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