On 29 November, the traditional book market was held at the Max Euwe Center (MEC) in Amsterdam. Michael Negele was on the spot and has taken a series of photos.



Chet Bakerstraat - home of Bob and Winifred van de Velde


As to my accomodation in Amsterdam, I had taken quarter in the Hotel Artemis already on the eve of the book market, about 500 m away from Bob and Winifred, really worthwhile. Currently an exhibition of contemporary furniture is held there - http://www.artemisamsterdam.com/en/design-art/exhibition.

We spent a nice evening in a nearby restaurant, the next morning Bert Corneth joined us and we went to the well attended book market in the Max Euwe Center.


 At the book market


We met many "old acquaintances" there, you'd think the time had stood still. I "spotted" the following KWF&A members: Stigter, Van de Velde, Ramaekers, de Jong, Heite, Corneth, ten Geuzendam, moreover Plećaš (and the former member Vuković) and Clapham. GM Hans Ree probably sold his chess books, but there was nothing special among them - Jurgen was the main customer anyway. 
Below a selection of photos from this event.



 Dušan Vuković (balancing) and Peter Ramaekers 


Sifting through the boxes - our treasurer Michael Clapham


Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam (on the right)
and Peter de Jong (wearing a pink shirt)


Xander Wadman



 Jurgen Stigter, Bob van de Velde and Walter Mooi



 Peter de Jong and Hans Ree



Darko Plećaš and Dušan Vuković



Rob Spaans with Bert Corneth



 Remco Heite



 Rob Spaans with the Max Ernst book 



At about 1 pm we went back to Bob in a foursome (with Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam) and still polished off some rolls:

After market lunch with
Bert Corneth, Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam (left),
Bob and Winifred van de Velde (right)


About 4 pm I took off for Wuppertal. Similar to Weimar, I had again experienced eventful 24 hours.


Michael Negele
(Translation by R.B.)



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