Jon Crumiller and GM Lev Alburt just have published a most interesting book on the World Championship Match between Magnus Carlsen and Sergei Karjakin last winter in New York City. As Bob van de Velde and I had the opportunity to visit that match during it´s desicive state, but also our friend Jon in Princeton, it is a nice remembrance to that trip.

The book itself offers an intriguing sight on the match and it´s background.

Michael Negele

Gyula Breyer - front cover

Gyula Breyer - back cover

Tamás Erdélyi

On 25 April 2017, the Hungarian grand seigneur of European chess,

IM Dr. Tamás Erdélyi,

passed away after a short, severe illness at the age of 64.

In the 80s and 90s after the fall of the Iron Curtain, he was a feared opponent at the more and more popular Central European Chess-Open. His calling, however, - for which he got a legendary reputation among chess clubs – were two other areas: On the one hand his own chess publishing house “Caissa” - for many decades there have been almost ten releases by famous authors per year – and on the other hand the chess shop linked to the publishing house which was part of almost all big European tournaments, especially in the youth sector. Despite the growing computerization of the chess sector, it was of utmost importance to him to present chess books in printed form which got more and more difficult in the last few years due to economic reasons.

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Karl Klittich, Bob van de Velde, Per Skjoldager and Michael Negele

Meeting of Per Skjoldager, Karl Klittich, Bob van de Velde and Michael Negele in Taulov (Fredericia, Denmark) on Sunday, October 15th, 2017

Two board members and our Danish database expert met last Sunday to discuss the current state of the ToBiblion project. The meeting was joint by the interim webeditor Michael Negele, who reported on the new logo of the CH&LS and the next steps to launch the new website of the Chess History & Literature Society.

Results of this most successful meeting will be reported in due course through the website, but also at the meeting in Brunswick on 24th November, 2017. The agenda for this meeting at the eve of the 73rd auction at Klittich-Pfankuch auction house will be communicated by the board.

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Rob Spaans and Bob van der Velde, Wijk aan Zee 2016

Dear Members,

I am happy to inform you that no member of the Council and no member of the Board had any objections to the appointment of Rob Spaans as financial auditor and member of the Committee of cash auditors. On the contrary, I got several very positive reactions. By consequence Rob has been appointed beginning from September 13th.

Robert van de Velde

Romano Bellucci, Torino 2006

Again it´s my sad duty to report about the passing of a good friend, a founding member of the Ken Whyld Association.

In late 2002 or early 2003 I got in contact with the Italian chess editor and publisher

Romano Bellucci

(* 9th July, 1940 in Rome;  15th September, 2017 in Venice).

His wonderful magazine Scacchi e Scienze Applicate (started in 1981) was well known to me. At that time Romano, who came already during wartimes to Venice, and was a school friend of Antonio Rosino, was most enthusiastic about German chess history.

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KWA meeting in Norwich 2012, Jimmy Adams (on the left) and Ray Cannon

I am glad to announce the newest publication of my friend Jimmy Adams. In Norwich 2012 we talked about Gyula Breyer, and he told me, that he was working already more than 20 years on this topic. Now, five years later, I can hold his tremendously well researched The Chess Revolutionary, a book of incredible 876 pages, in my hands. Thank you, dear Jimmy, for all your efforts.

Michael Negele

Gyula Breyer - front cover

Gyula Breyer - back cover

More information:

Claes Lofgren, Karl Klittich, Bob van de Velde

Meeting of the Extended board of the Ken Whyld Association

(Friday June 23rd 2017 at 15:00h at the Klittich auction house, ended at 17:30h)

You'll find the full report in the Member Section: Documents (Registration required)


  • Michael Clapham, treasurer
  • Bert Corneth, web editor
  • Karl Klittich, member of the Board
  • Claes Løfgren, membership secretary
  • Michael Negele, honorary member, (from 16:00h onwards)
  • Per Skjoldager, ToBiblion administrator
  • Bob van de Velde, chairman

Matters of Practical Importance and General Interest:

The New Name of the Association

After a lengthy discussion the decision is taken to rename the Association, namely

Chess History & Literature Society, founded as Ken Whyld Association
Abbreviation: CHLS.

Read more: Meeting of the Extended board of the Ken Whyld Association

Ralf Binnewirtz, Wijk aan Zee 2015

Recently, our KWA secretary Claes Løfgren has given a short report on Michael Negele’s book presentation in Braunschweig, dealing with the just published biography of Paul Felix Schmidt (PFS).

On this occasion Claes has already provided some information on PFS by way of linked pages and files.

Meanwhile I have prepared a PDF Iconreview of that book, destined for publication on our website. Due to Claes’ preliminary contribution, I could do without including another short biography of the eponymous hero and lay more stress on other things instead. The fine English translation of my original German text was done by Eva Regina Magacs, the coauthor of the book.

Ralf J. Binnewirtz

Michael Negele

After the welcome and introduction by chairman Bob van de Velde, Michael Negele took the rostrum for a presentation of his new book on Paul Felix Schmidt 'A Winning Formula' and its genesis. When the Schmidt project was first presented to us at the KWA meeting in October 2015 in Kiel, it was planned as a cooperation by Michael and Tony Gillam. However, disagreements between them sadly caused this plan to fail, and instead two books have appeared – a games collection with a brief biography by Tony and a thorough biography, with 12 selected games, co-written by Michael and Eva Regina Magacs, daughter of Paul Felix Schmidt.

Read more: Eva Regina Magacs, Michael Negele - Paul Felix Schmidt 'A Winning Formula'

We regret to announce the retirement of Bert Corneth as our web-editor, due to personal reasons. Of course we fully respect his decision, but consider his retirement a great loss for the KWA, as he developed this newly created function since the beginning of this year with the meticulousness he was known for among many of our members. Bert had also built up a close working relationship with our webmaster Wilfried Krebbers which promised bright prospects for the future of the new website.

At the moment we are busy finding solutions for the tasks that must be fulfilled.

We wish Bert all the best for the future.

Bob van de Velde

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