Ken Whyld Association

Ken Whyld

Ken Whyld
on the title page of CHESS, Nov. 1998

It is our association’s concern to bring together the information scattered worldwide from collectors of chess literature and extensive chess libraries, and thus give the public access to it. Moreover we support book publications and articles in magazines which cover a chess historical background or enlarge the bibliography of chess literature. Our long-term goal is the complete bibliographical recording of the chess literature in an online database.

The Ken Whyld Association was founded at Brunswick in November, 2003, and it was named after the English chess historian Kenneth Whyld (* March 6th, 1926 † July 11th, 2003) who died in the same year.

Ken Whyld

Ken Whyld in Amsterdam, 01-12-2002
- First Meeting of the 'Amsterdam Group'

We organize an annual general meeting in Europe or in the United States (New York City 2007; Dresden/Wrocław, 2008; San Francisco/Mechanics' Institute, 2009; Antwerp, 2010; Bolzano, 2011; Norwich 2012) and we support additional regional meetings or events of our partner organizations.
New members are always welcome!

You will find more detailed information about the admission to our association on our page Members.

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July 22, 2012
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July 8, 2012
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July 2, 2012
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June 29, 2012
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The chess libraries linked below have joined the
Ken Whyld Association
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Cleveland Public Library

Cleveland Public Library
John G. White Chess and
Checkers Collection

Biblioteka Kórnicka

Biblioteka Kórnicka
The Kórnik Library of the
Polish Academy of Sciences

KB Den Haag

Koninklijke Bibliotheek Den Haag
Bibliotheca Van der Linde-

Max Euwe-Centrum

Max Euwe Centrum

Mechanics' Institute

Mechanics' Institute
San Francisco, CA



Kiel Chess Catalogue online

State Library of Victoria
Melbourne, Australia
Anderson Chess Collection


Library of the University of

Alexander Rueb Collection