Emanuel Lasker
Denker, Weltenbürger, Schachweltmeister


Edited by Richard Forster, Stefan Hansen and Michael Negele by order of the Emanuel Lasker Society and published by Exzelsior Verlag, Berlin.
XVI + 1079 pages, with more than 500 pictures, 1600 diagrams and 700 games. Printed on acid-free and ageing resistant paper. Large format, cloth bound.

With contributions by

Wolfgang Angerstein
Jesús Bayolo Gonzalez
Ralf Binnewirtz
John Donaldson
Jürgen Fleck
Tony Gillam
Bernd Gräfrath
John Hilbert
Robert Hübner
Peter de Jong
Karl Kadletz
Wolfgang Kamm
Viktor Kortschnoi
Thomas Lemanczyk
Isaak Linder
Wladimir Linder
Tomasz Lissowski
Roberto Mayor Gutiérrez
Egbert Meissenburg
Michael Negele
Susanna Poldauf
Toni Preziuso
Joachim Rosenthal
Raj Tischbierek
Robert van de Velde
Hans-Christian Wohlfarth

and an introduction by Paul Werner Wagner.

By 25 contributions the top level authors illuminate in detail Lasker’s multi-faceted life inside and outside the chess world. His chess career has been analyzed by grandmasterly hands from the very beginning over the long time as a world champion to the surprising comeback in the retirement age. Six key chapters trace Lasker’s life and work in Germany, England, the Netherlands, the United States, Cuba and Russia. For the first time Lasker’s origin and childhood have been compiled in detail, besides the volume offers an in-depth appreciation of the figure of Jacques Hannak whose biography of 1952 has decisively formed the Lasker image of many generations. Moreover Lasker’s own creative activity as a journalist and author has been systematically researched. Reputable experts pursue Lasker’s ambitions in the fields of mathematics, of philosophy and of the drama. His achievements in the area of Bridge and Go as well as in the game invented by himself, Laska are appreciated at first hand, and friends of artistic chess don’t lose out as well: one chapter each on Lasker’s oeuvre in problem chess and in endgame studies round off the diversified work.

You will find excerpts from single chapters at the web site of the Emanuel Lasker Society:

The book will be available from 20th of November, 2009.
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